Document Retrieval

Your single-source solution.

Are you finding that multiple resources for document retrieval mean multiple headaches and multiple invoices? With sophisticated technology and imaging, the most robust database in the industry and a nationwide network of field researchers, we can deliver everything you need. No longer do you have to manage multiple vendors, reconcile and pay invoices for each, and track orders through various companies. It’s no wonder nine of the top ten lenders in the nation use our services.

Highly Efficient Retrieval Means Lower Costs

Leverage our proprietary repositories, online databases, source libraries and nationwide network of field researchers to get a comprehensive and reliable solution for obtaining mortgage information and recorded documents. Research is completed through the most cost-effective source without compounding charges for each source search. You pay only for the service tier that fulfills your order, giving you a lower overall cost and faster results.

The Upside of Leading-Edge Technology

Advanced technology enables us to deliver the information you need how and when you need it—allowing for decreased cycle times, reduced expenses and an enhanced client experience. As a trusted single-source provider, you can count on us for for all of your data and document retrieval needs.

Automated Document Tracking and Recovery

By automating your trailing document procedures, you can quickly accommodate the fluctuating volume of your day-to-day business. Enjoy the cost-saving benefits of fewer missed deadlines and investor charge penalties. This unique solution combines fully-automated tracking software with customized follow-up services for seamless integration into your existing business processes. Efficiently monitor the status of recorded deeds and title policies, and quickly locate document images so you can dedicate your time to servicing more loans.

Personalized Customer Service

You’ll be assigned a team of industry experts and customer service representatives offering unmatched real estate industry expertise. Technologically savvy with strong process and industry knowledge, our team will deliver the results you’re looking for—including needs analysis as well as the delivery of information.

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